Malcolm Lawrence
Seattle area (Bellevue)
Not willing to relocate
Dual citizenship (UK and US)
Authorized to work for any employer in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,
Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

Email: malcolm(at)

Professional Web Presence:
Personal Web Presence:

Editor-in-Chief, artistic and content developer, Internet strategist, web developer/web master


Technical Skills

Windows XP/2000Pro/NT/98/95/3.x; Office XP/2000 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage); Project 2000; Visual Studio 6.0 (Basic, C++, FoxPro, InterDev); Photoshop 5.5; Illustrator 8.0; InDesign; After Effects 4.1; GoLive 4.0; Premiere 4.0; Flash 5; Fireworks 3; Dreamweaver 3; Freehand 7; HTML; DHTML; JavaScript; FTP.

Web design, development, maintenance, marketing and publicity. HTML authoring, JavaScript programming. Artistic development and image processing. Internet consulting. Excellent new-business building skills. Multi-skilled information systems scholar/professional, with broad range of technical skills and research interests; strong research & analytical skills suite. Currently researching XML, XSL, and XLL.


Internet and World Wide Web Experience

1995--Present The Multilingual, Multicultural Online Journal and Community of Arts and Ideas. Featured in the 2001 Poet's Market (Edited by Pam Shields & Chantelle Bentley) and the 2000 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market (Barbara Kuroff, Editor), and discussed in the Christian Science Monitor.

CEO, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Internet Strategist, Webmaster, Project Manager, Creative Director, Executive Producer, Human Resources Director, Marketing Director, Publicity Director, Site/Page Designer, Graphic Artist, Online Editor, Technical Writer, Website Maintainer, and Manager of Online Operations for Babel: The Multilingual, Multicultural Online Journal and Community of Arts and Ideas.

Built and maintained website; designed brand and site architecture; built graphic elements; solicited, developed, maintained and marketed artistry; implemented information structure; implemented HTML files and JavaScripts; maintained and analyze usage statistics; conducted marketing and publicity strategy; developed server file structure; planned web artistry offering; wrote and edited internal and external electronic publicity; researched, wrote, and distributed press releases via electronic mail; developed and implemented on-line publicity and marketing campaigns.

Built 211 mailing lists for:

Solicited 300+ professional translators and organized them all on the mailing lists. Built and maintained a database for each of the translators resumes, with each translator translating into only their native language to maintain the highest quality, and bearing either certification from translation schools and/or bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in linguistics, as well as previous work and references from companies they've worked for all over the planet.

Languages currently featured on

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Welsh Yiddish        


Developed, solicited and maintained the following content and artistry for

(in 22 languages)
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The Our Man In Havana section which features international stringers located in or from:
China Tokyo Hong Kong Moscow Bombay
Jerusalem Singapore Paris Rome Prague
Cologne South Korea Guatemala Puebla Jamaica
Arabia New York City Chicago San Francisco Oakland
Raleigh Tacoma Louisiana Tennessee Hawaii
  prison utopia church  


Babel’s editorial outlook draws from our administrative, journalistic, translation and support staff of over 500 people (320 of whom are translators) in the countries:

Argentina Australia Brazil Bulgaria Canada
Chile Denmark El Salvador England France
Germany Israel Italy Poland Portugal
Romania Russia Slovenia Spain Switzerland
The Netherlands Turkey Ukraine USA Venezuela


and in the cities
Aarhus Ankara Arlington Athens Austin
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Moscow Mt. Waverley Naples Olathe Oporto
Ottawa Pontevedra Portland Poznan Pyatigorsk
Quebec City Ranica Rome Rosario San Antonio
San Salvador Santiago Sao Paulo Sarasota Suceava
St. Vincent de Tyrosse Ste-Brigitte-de-Laval The Dalles Toronto Tucson
Untersiggentha Vanderhoof Varna Sao Vinhedo Vitoria-Gasteiz
Waterloo   Woodstock   Zaporozhye

In 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 we capitalized on the opportunity presented by the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) to marshal our resources for its annual month long run. For each of the respective years' festivals, three weeks of intense planning by our staff yielded complete festival coverage, including reviews, interviews, festival guides and a comprehensive wrap-up. Over the course of SIFF we established working relationships with Speakeasy Internet Cafe, Cinema Seattle, Landmark Theaters and Scarecrow Video.


1999 Web Publicist for Big Telescope, Inc. for the film Woman Found Dead In Elevator

Developed, organized, orchestrated and marketed publicity for the Internet for the independent short film "Woman Found Dead In Elevator," written and directed by Adam Goldstein; produced by Anthony J. Vorhies; Executive Producers: William Kennedy, Dana Kennedy, Joe Gagen, Vera Gagen; Director of Photography: Howard Krupa; Edited by John David Allen; Casting by Risť Cale; Based on a short story by Ruth Tarson; Special Material Written by George Plimpton and Hunter S. Thompson.

Starring Kathleen Chalfant (Last Days of Disco, Five Corners, Wit), William Duell (Ironweed, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Palookaville), Ronald Guttman (Little Nikita, Green Card), Anna Manahan (The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Hear My Song, Clash of the Titans), George Plimpton (When We Were Kings, A Fool and his Money, Reds), John Rothman (Copycat, Sophie's Choice), John Ventimiglia (I Shot Andy Warhol, The Sopranos)


1999 Web Publicist for Silent G Productions for the film The Quest For The Noble Desert Poodle

Developed, organized, orchestrated and marketed publicity for the Internet for the independent short film "The Quest For The Noble Desert Poodle," written and directed by Dan Monaghan; produced by Dan Monaghan, Rex Barker & Joel Veatch; Assistant Producer Anne Marie Canon; Director of Photography: Rex "Mr. Stubby" Barker; Edited by Joel Veatch, Flying Spot, Seattle.

Starring Krisha Fairchild, Kathy Levin, Paul Black, Dr. Roger Williams, Robert J. Zenk, Michael McAuliffe, Jim Wilson, Jean Sherrard, Dan Molvar, Natalie Hoyt, Alex Werner, Taylor Werner, Eli Hoyt


1996 Publicist for Caipirinha Productions for the documentary Synthetic Pleasures

Developed, organized, orchestrated and marketed publicity for the Seattle area for the independent documentary "Synthetic Pleasures," directed by Iara Lee and produced by George Gund. Organized and was part of the hospitality crew which facilitated their stay in Seattle. Established relationship which ensured booking for the documentary at the Seattle International Film Festival as well as established relationship which ensured booking for the documentary via Landmark Theatres. Delegated hospitality crew to organize a joint rave for the premiere of the film at the The Showbox in downtown Seattle.



Film Reviewer for the Circle of Critics on the USPAN website

Established the Circle of Critics. Awards included being mentioned as one of the top four film review websites in the local area by The Seattle Times and 2ask for a Best of the Web award as well as a site designation Top 5% of All Web Sites (48 points out of a possible 50 and sixth overall best film review website out of 255) by Point.Com, and a Magellan Four Star Site award.


1995 Technical Writer and Editor; Mineralissimo

Mineralissimo is a recreational and educational CD-ROM program suite created by mineral lovers for mineral lovers. The program suite consists of a Mineral Database, a Screen Saver, and a Media Control Center. The mineral database is a reference guide to the entire set, while the screen saver showcases each specimen in impressive detail. The media control center is CD-based utility for managing your own graphic, video, and audio files.


1986-1994 Various temporary clerical assignments

After leaving Western Washington University in June 1986, I hitchhiked to and from Berkeley for the summer of 1986. Back in Seattle I: worked data entry at Washington Mutual Savings Bank downtown for a few months; worked at Waldenbooks downtown for six months; worked on a fish processing boat in Alaska; and drove a classic 1978 original Checker Cab (yup, with the jump seats in the back) in Seattle for nine months. In 1989 I moved to Europe and spent six months in my hometown of Bournemouth (working for British Telecom), nine months in London (working for British Transport Advertising), seven months in Glasgow (working for British Petroleum) and six weeks in Amsterdam (working for KPMG Peat Marwick in the World Trade Center). Upon returning to the Seattle area I worked as the secretary to the underwriting department manager at CNA Insurance for two years.


Creative Artistry


Estrelica & Vic -- a 214 page Generation X romance which takes place in Seattle. The first novel of a never-ending saga. (Written 1989-1990)

Italian translation of the entire text of Estrelica & Vic (Translated in 1999 by Anny Ballardini)

* Each * -- The second novel (in progress) of the never-ending "Estrelica & Vic" saga. (1991-present)

Film Critiques -- Cinema Stardust (1995-present)

Interviews -- Annie Dillard (1982); James Foley (1995); Christopher Hampton (1995); Patricia Rozema (1995)

Essays -- Death Is Not The End: Love In The Time of Suicide (Last Thoughts on Jerry Garcia & Kurt Cobain) (Written in 1996)

Plays -- Widowspeak (Written in 1985)


Berkeley summer journal, 1986

64 Funny Cars: The Poetry Archives, 1979-1984



1981 - 1986

Fairhaven College / Western Washington University; Bellingham, Washington

Triple major in Journalism, English and Comparative Literature

Arts Editor and Copy Editor for the Western Front campus newspaper, 1982/83

Managing Editor and Story Editor at Klipsun, the campus magazine 1983/84

DJ at KUGS-FM 89.3 for two years playing pop, rock, jazz and free format programs; 1982/83.


Associated Students Film Programmer, 1985 -1986

Autumn Films 1985 -- Tuesdays
9/24 What’s Up Tiger Lily? Woody Allen
10/1 Spirit of the Beehive Victor Erice
10/8 A Full Life Susumu Hani
10/15 The Three Penny Opera G.W. Pabst
10/22 Enjo Kon Ichikawa
10/29 Forbidden Games Rene Clement
11/5 Boy Nagisa Oshima
11/12 A Man-Ray Kind of Sky (L’Etoile De Mer; Les Mysteres Du Chateau Du De; Retour A La Raison; Emak Bakia)/Magick Lantern Cycle (Fireworks; Rabbit’s Moon; Eaux d’Artifice; Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome; Kustom Kar Kommandos; Scorpio Rising; Invocation of My Demon Brother; Puce Moment; Lucifer Rising) Man-Ray/Kenneth Anger
11/19 Autumn Afternoon Yasujiro Ozu
11/26 Limelight Charlie Chaplin
12/3 Equinox Flower Yasujiro Ozu


Autumn Films 1985 -- Saturdays
9/28 – 29 Amadeus Milos Forman
10/5 Homage to Chagall:
The Colours of Love
/Lust for Life
Harry Rasky/Vincent Minnelli
10/12 – 13 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Steven Spielberg
10/19 Sorcerer William Friedkin
10/26 – 27 Beverly Hills Cop Martin Brest
11/2 Motel Hell Kevin Connor
11/9 – 10 Choose Me Alan Rudolph
11/16 Blood of a Poet/Testament of Orpheus/Beauty and the Beast Jean Cocteau
11/23 Wise Blood John Huston
12/7 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Mel Stuart


Autumn Films 1985 -- Sundays
9/22 This is Spinal Tap Rob Reiner
10/6 How to Succeed in Business
Without Really Trying
Sweet Smell of Success
David Swift/Alexander Mackendrick
10/20 Koyaanisqatsi Godfrey Reggio
11/3 Lawrence of Arabia David Lean
11/17 Scenes From Under Childhood Stan Brakhage
11/24 Giant George Stevens
12/8 Alice in Wonderland/
Yellow Submarine
Clyde Geronimi & Wilfred Jackson/
George Dunning




Winter Films 1986 -- Tuesdays
1/14 Through A Glass, Darkly Ingmar Bergman
1/21 Winter Light Ingmar Bergman
1/28 The Silence Ingmar Bergman
2/4 Jules & Jim Francois Truffaut
2/11 Salt of the Earth Herbert Biberman
2/18 Poetry in Motion/Soldier of Orange Ron Mann/Paul Verhoeven
2/25 Wilhelm Reich: Mysteries
of the Organism
In The Realm of the Senses
Dusan Makavejev/Nagisa Oshima
3/4 Breathless/Alphaville Jean-Luc Godard
3/11 Providence Alain Resnais


Winter Films 1986 -- Saturdays
1/11 The Brother from Another Planet John Sayles
1/18 Secret Honor Robert Altman
1/25 Pink Triangles/Choosing
/Before Stonewall
Margaret Lazarus and Renner Wunderlich; Debra Chasnoff and Kim Klausner;
Robert Rosenberg and John Scagliotti
2/1 Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession Nicolas Roeg
2/8 Pumping Iron/
Pumping Iron II: The Women
George Butler and Robert Fiore/George Butler
2/15 Harold & Maude Hal Ashby
2/22 Network/Videodrome Sidney Lumet/David Cronenberg
3/1 THX-1138 George Lucas
3/8 Blow-Up Michelangelo Antonioni
3/15 Batman (1966) Leslie Martinson


Winter Films 1986 -- Sundays
1/12 Stranger Than Paradise Jim Jarmusch
1/19 A Matter of Heart Mark Whitney
1/20 Black and White in Color Jean-Jacques Annaud
1/26 Dr. Zhivago David Lean
2/2 Paris, Texas Wim Wenders
2/9 Plenty Fred Schepisi
2/16 Monty Python’s Life of Brian Terry Jones
2/23 Once Upon A Time in the West Sergio Leone
3/2 Mississippi Blues Bertrand Tavernier and Robert Parrish
3/9 The Gods Must Be Crazy Jamie Uys
3/16 Dr. Dolittle Richard Fleischer




Spring Films 1986 -- Tuesdays
4/1 Mr. Hulot’s Holiday/Playtime Jacques Tati
4/8 Latino Haskell Wexler
4/15 The 4th Man Paul Verhoeven
4/22 Man of Flowers Paul Cox
4/29 Chambre 666/The State of Things Wim Wenders
5/6 French Can Can Jean Renoir
5/13 Shakespeare Wallah James Ivory
5/20 The Last Wave Peter Weir
5/27 Every Man for Himself/Every Man
for Himself and God Against All
Jean-Luc Godard/Werner Herzog
6/3 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man/Ulysses/Finnegans Wake Joseph Strick/Joseph
/Mary Ellen Bute


Spring Films 1986 -- Thursdays

Berlin Alexanderplatz (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

4/10 Part 1: Punishment Will Come
4/17 Part 2:
Part 3:
How Can We Live If We Don’t Want to Die?/
A Blow From A Hammer Can Hurt the Soul
4/24 Part 4:
Part 5:
A Handful of People in the Depths of Silence/
A Reaper With The Power of the Almighty
5/1 Part 6:
Part 7:
The Price of Love is Always High/
An Oath Can be Cut Off
5/8 Part 8:
Part 9:
The Sun Will Warm and Sometimes
Burn the Skin/Of the Eternities
Separating the Many From the Few
5/15 Part 10:
Part 11:
Loneliness Causes Cracks in the Walls of Madness/Knowledge is Power and
the Early Bird Catches the Worm
5/22 Part 12:
Part 13:
The Viper in the Soul of the Serpent/
The Outside and the Inside, and the
Mystery of the Fear of Mystery
5/29 Epilogue: My Dream of Franz Biberkopf’s Dream


Spring Films 1986 -- Saturdays
4/5 Animal Farm/1984 John Halas & Joy Batchelor/Michael Radford
4/12 Ziggy Stardust and
the Spiders from Mars
D.A. Pennebaker
4/19 The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai
Across The 8th Dimension
W.D. Richter
4/26 Buddies Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
5/3 Kings of the Road Wim Wenders
5/10 An American in Paris/Hair Vincent Minnelli/Milos Forman
5/17 Kiss of the Spider Woman Hector Babenco
5/24 After Hours Martin Scorsese
5/31 Happy Birthday, Gemini Richard Benner
6/7 Munster, Go Home Earl Bellamy


Spring Films 1986 -- Sundays
4/6 Gone With The Wind Victor Fleming
4/13 The Challenge: A Tribute to Modern Art Herbert Kline
4/20 Star Wars/The Empire
Strikes Back
/Return of the Jedi
George Lucas/Irvin Kershner/ Richard Marquand
4/27 Say Amen, Somebody George Nierenberg
5/4 Suburbia Penelope Spheeris
5/11 Mouchette Robert Bresson
5/18 Alice in the Cities/Wrong Move Wim Wenders
5/25 Crossover Dreams Leon Ichaso
6/1 A Passage to India David Lean
6/8 Head Bob Rafelson
6/10 Hail Mary Jean-Luc Godard



Sigma Delta Chi (The Society of Professional Journalists) Mark of Excellence for investigative reporting for work on the Western Front campus newspaper, Western Washington University; 1983

National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts; Presidential Scholar in the Arts, 1981

Grand Prize award by the Washington Poets Association for the Best High School Poem in the State, 1981

Won my first award for poetry when I was six years old and I was featured in the Renton Record Chronicle.