Our Woman in Chicagoland

Gardenia C. Hung


Tall Ships -- Chicago 1998

All Aboard! People en masse made their way to the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan to gaze, wander, and climb aboard Tall Ships Chicago 1998 where maritime history comes to life. Sponsored by AT & T Wireless Services at Navy Pier, July 16-20, the Windy City is proud to host these magnificent guests anchored by the cool aquamarine waters of the lakefront.

Sea-lovers of all ages, young and old gazed in awe and wonder at the Public Dockside Viewing of the Ships, the city’s first festival of Tall Ships and the largest fleet of Tall Ships in Chicago since the early 1900’s. City skyscrapers towering high on the lakefront skyline witness the presence of these majestic vessels as they glide and skim the waves into the harbor, full sail ahead during the Parade. Bearing names like Schooner America, Anna Kristina, Madeline, U.S. Brig Niagara, STV Pathfinder, TS Playfair, H.M.S. Tecumseh, True North, Windy, USCG Acacia, USCG Mackinaw, they are reminiscent of people, places, and historical markers for times gone by.

These vessels have been built according to specifications bringing to life the spirit and image of their predecessors:

Tall Ships Chicago 1998 highlights vessel prototypes for these models: Two-Masted Schooner, Brigantine, Topsail Schooner, Full-Rigged Ship, Barquentine, Three-Masted Schooner, Brig.

The Tall Ships Open House Exhibit in the Windy City coincides with the 100th sailing of the world’s oldest freshwater yacht race comprising of more than 300 boats manned by more than 3,000 sailors. The Mackinaw Race starts from Chicago, Illinois, two miles East of the Monroe Harbor, to the finish line on Mackinaw Island, in Michigan usually sets off starts at noon on July 18 and continues at 15-minute intervals until 2:30pm. For all seafaring enthusiasts, vessels will be berthed at Navy Pier and the Chicago Yacht Club. The starting line is two miles East of the Monroe Harbor in Lake Michigan, Illinois.


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