Just Us Folk is a weekly one-hour program on CKPC Radio 1380 AM / 92.1 FM Brantford, Ontario, Canada, featuring all sorts of music you could call Folk. You'll hear some great singer-songwriters, traditional music, Celtic music in all its forms, a bit of bluegrass and maybe a surprise or two. Each show highlights a couple of interview segments with a featured performer or group, plus a couple of songs by that artist. After that, it's all a toss-up as to what you'll hear. We also highlight area concerts by touring performers and local folk clubs. Each week we'll post the playlist of the previous show and the one coming up.

Jan Vanderhorst has hosted Just Us Folk since the show's inception in 1981. In that time he's interviewed hundreds of performers, ranging from Gordon Lightfoot, Mary Travers and Pete Seeger to Garnet Rogers, John Gorka and Ferron. The interviews have taken place in-studio, over the phone and backstage at some of Ontario's great festivals.

Besides hosting Just Us Folk, Jan has written articles for Fast Folk Musical Magazine and currently contributes articles about folk performers to towerofbabel.com.


David Mallett: Artist In Me by Jan Vanderhorst -- December 2003


Tom Paxton: Looking for the Moon by Jan Vanderhorst -- December 2003


Susan Werner: It's Okay To Feel Good by Jan Vanderhorst -- February 2003

Susan Werner: E giusto stare bene di Jan Vanderhorst -- Febbraio 2003

Janis Ian: Doing It From The Heart by Jan Vanderhorst -- October 2002

Janis Ian: Lo Faccio Con Il Cuore di Jan Vanderhorst -- Ottobre 2002


Brent Titcomb: Beyond Appearances by Jan Vanderhorst -- July 2002


Bob Neuwirth: A Life of Dovetails by Jan Vanderhorst -- August 2001 


Tim Harrison: Prayers watching by Jan Vanderhorst -- August 2001

Tim Harrison: Gebete beim Zuschauen Von Jan Vanderhorst -- August 2001


Stephen Fearing answers the age-old question:

"How many microphones does it take to record a folk musician?"

by Jan Vanderhorst -- January 2001


Grit Laskin: The four letter F-word by Jan Vanderhorst -- August 2000


Connie Dover: Dipping into Serendipity by Jan Vanderhorst -- June 2000


Jez Lowe: Raising The Standards by Jan Vanderhorst -- April 2000


Waterson:Carthy -- All In The Family by Jan Vanderhorst -- January 2000


Lynn Miles: From Ottawa to L.A. by Jan Vanderhorst -- November 1999


David Essig: Into The Lowering Sky by Jan Vanderhorst -- September 1999


Blackie & The Rodeo Kings: Kings Of Love - Lovers of Food & Music
by Jan Vanderhorst --
August 1999


Brooks Williams: Shadows of The South by Jan Vanderhorst -- June 1999


Cathy Miller: Living For The Stars by Jan Vanderhorst -- May 1999


James Keelaghan: The Dark Side of the Road by Jan Vanderhorst -- March 1999


Cate Friesen: Totally In The Moment by Jan Vanderhorst -- February 1999


Paddy Moloney: Irons in the Fire by Jan Vanderhorst -- December 1998

Paddy Moloney: Więcej niż dwie sroki za ogon
na podstawie wywiadu Jana Vanderhorsta -- grudzień 1998


Heather Bishop: Learning to Rest by Jan Vanderhorst -- November 1998


Contact from the Underworld of Red Boy: Robbie Robertson comes full circle by Jan Vanderhorst -- October 1998


Troubadour Harpist: Jacquelyn Brown by Jan Vanderhorst -- October 1998


Anthology of American Folk Music -- Edited by Josh Dunson and Ethel Raim; Musical Transcriptions by Ethel Raim; Interviews with Moses Asch and Frank Walker