Western Washington University Film Calendar, 1985 - 1986

Film Programmer: Malcolm Lawrence


When I was twenty-one, it was a very good year...


Autumn Films 1985 -- Tuesdays
9/24 What’s Up Tiger Lily? Woody Allen
10/1 Spirit of the Beehive Victor Erice
10/8 A Full Life Susumu Hani
10/15 The Three Penny Opera G.W. Pabst
10/22 Enjo Kon Ichikawa
10/29 Forbidden Games Rene Clement
11/5 Boy Nagisa Oshima
11/12 A Man-Ray Kind of Sky (L’Etoile De Mer; Les Mysteres Du Chateau Du De; Retour A La Raison; Emak Bakia)/Magick Lantern Cycle (Fireworks; Rabbit’s Moon; Eaux d’Artifice; Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome; Kustom Kar Kommandos; Scorpio Rising; Invocation of My Demon Brother; Puce Moment; Lucifer Rising) Man-Ray/Kenneth Anger
11/19 Autumn Afternoon Yasujiro Ozu
11/26 Limelight Charlie Chaplin
12/3 Equinox Flower Yasujiro Ozu


Autumn Films 1985 -- Saturdays
9/28 – 29 Amadeus Milos Forman
10/5 Homage to Chagall:
The Colours of Love
/Lust for Life
Harry Rasky/Vincent Minnelli
10/12 – 13 Indiana Jones and
the Temple of Doom
Steven Spielberg
10/19 Sorcerer William Friedkin
10/26 – 27 Beverly Hills Cop Martin Brest
11/2 Motel Hell Kevin Connor
11/9 – 10 Choose Me Alan Rudolph
11/16 Blood of a Poet/Testament of Orpheus/Beauty and the Beast Jean Cocteau
11/23 Wise Blood John Huston
12/7 Willy Wonka
and the Chocolate Factory
Mel Stuart


Autumn Films 1985 -- Sundays
9/22 This is Spinal Tap Rob Reiner
10/6 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying/
Sweet Smell of Success
David Swift/Alexander Mackendrick
10/20 Koyaanisqatsi Godfrey Reggio
11/3 Lawrence of Arabia David Lean
11/17 Scenes From Under Childhood Stan Brakhage
11/24 Giant George Stevens
12/8 Alice in Wonderland/
Yellow Submarine
Clyde Geronimi & Wilfred Jackson/George Dunning




Winter Films 1986 -- Tuesdays
1/14 Through A Glass, Darkly Ingmar Bergman
1/21 Winter Light Ingmar Bergman
1/28 The Silence Ingmar Bergman
2/4 Jules & Jim Francois Truffaut
2/11 Salt of the Earth Herbert Biberman
2/18 Poetry in Motion/Soldier of Orange Ron Mann/Paul Verhoeven
2/25 Wilhelm Reich: Mysteries
of the Organism
In The Realm of the Senses
Dusan Makavejev/Nagisa Oshima
3/4 Breathless/Alphaville Jean-Luc Godard
3/11 Providence Alain Resnais


Winter Films 1986 -- Saturdays
1/11 The Brother from Another Planet John Sayles
1/18 Secret Honor Robert Altman
1/25 Pink Triangles/Choosing
/Before Stonewall
Margaret Lazarus and Renner Wunderlich/Debra Chasnoff and Kim Klausner/Robert Rosenberg and John Scagliotti
2/1 Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession Nicolas Roeg
2/8 Pumping Iron/
Pumping Iron II: The Women
George Butler and Robert Fiore/ George Butler
2/15 Harold & Maude Hal Ashby
2/22 Network/Videodrome Sidney Lumet/David Cronenberg
3/1 THX-1138 George Lucas
3/8 Blow-Up Michelangelo Antonioni
3/15 Batman (1966) Leslie Martinson


Winter Films 1986 -- Sundays
1/12 Stranger Than Paradise Jim Jarmusch
1/19 A Matter of Heart Mark Whitney
1/20 Black and White in Color Jean-Jacques Annaud
1/26 Dr. Zhivago David Lean
2/2 Paris, Texas Wim Wenders
2/9 Plenty Fred Schepisi
2/16 Monty Python’s Life of Brian Terry Jones
2/23 Once Upon A Time in the West Sergio Leone
3/2 Mississippi Blues Bertrand Tavernier
and Robert Parrish
3/9 The Gods Must Be Crazy Jamie Uys
3/16 Dr. Dolittle Richard Fleischer




Spring Films 1986 -- Tuesdays
4/1 Mr. Hulot’s Holiday/Playtime Jacques Tati
4/8 Latino Haskell Wexler
4/15 The 4th Man Paul Verhoeven
4/22 Man of Flowers Paul Cox
4/29 Chambre 666/The State of Things Wim Wenders
5/6 French Can Can Jean Renoir
5/13 Shakespeare Wallah James Ivory
5/20 The Last Wave Peter Weir
5/27 Every Man for Himself/Every Man for Himself and God Against All Jean-Luc Godard/Werner Herzog
6/3 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man/Ulysses/Finnegans Wake Joseph Strick/Joseph
/Mary Ellen Bute


Spring Films 1986 -- Thursdays

Berlin Alexanderplatz (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

4/10 Part 1: Punishment Will Come
4/17 Part 2:
Part 3:
How Can We Live If We Don’t Want to Die?/
A Blow From A Hammer Can Hurt the Soul
4/24 Part 4:
Part 5:
A Handful of People in the Depths of Silence/A Reaper With The Power of the Almighty
5/1 Part 6:
Part 7:
The Price of Love is Always High/
An Oath Can be Cut Off
5/8 Part 8:
Part 9:
The Sun Will Warm and Sometimes Burn the Skin/Of the Eternities Separating the Many From the Few
5/15 Part 10:
Part 11:
Loneliness Causes Cracks in the Walls of Madness/Knowledge is Power and
the Early Bird Catches the Worm
5/22 Part 12:
Part 13:
The Viper in the Soul of the Serpent/
The Outside and the Inside, and the
Mystery of the Fear of Mystery
5/29 Epilogue: My Dream of Franz Biberkopf’s Dream


Spring Films 1986 -- Saturdays
4/5 Animal Farm/1984 John Halas & Joy Batchelor/Michael Radford
4/12 Ziggy Stardust and
the Spiders from Mars
D.A. Pennebaker
4/19 The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across The 8th Dimension W.D. Richter
4/26 Buddies Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
5/3 Kings of the Road Wim Wenders
5/10 An American in Paris/Hair Vincent Minnelli/Milos Forman
5/17 Kiss of the Spider Woman Hector Babenco
5/24 After Hours Martin Scorsese
5/31 Happy Birthday, Gemini Richard Benner
6/7 Munster, Go Home Earl Bellamy


Spring Films 1986 -- Sundays
4/6 Gone With The Wind Victor Fleming
4/13 The Challenge:
A Tribute to Modern Art
Herbert Kline
4/20 Star Wars/The Empire
Strikes Back
/Return of the Jedi
George Lucas/Irvin Kershner/ Richard Marquand
4/27 Say Amen, Somebody George Nierenberg
5/4 Suburbia Penelope Spheeris
5/11 Mouchette Robert Bresson
5/18 Alice in the Cities/Wrong Move Wim Wenders
5/25 Crossover Dreams Leon Ichaso
6/1 A Passage to India David Lean
6/8 Head Bob Rafelson
6/10 Hail Mary Jean-Luc Godard