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Critica cinematografica
di Malcolm Lawrence




Variety Lights

In the summers of before
I can see them wander by
through the streets that we once knew
day to darkness, wind and sky
it was hard to leave
easy to say goodbye
variety lights would pull me on
my destiny it shone
before my childlike eyes

The town drifts through my endless thoughts
warm with breath and overgrown
I would lie most every night
dreaming of things unknown
now memories sail along
to destinations now long gone
dancing lights would pull me in
my destiny would spin
before my very eyes

But now my ship is drifting out
slowly across the bar
to the last horizon
and the final sinking star
and dancing in the haze
fireflies that blur my gaze
oh those lights that seem to mock
no turning back the clock
to reinvent my days

Take me back to innocence
take me to the cornerstone
Im holding something to my heart
I think I want to be alone
close the outer door
so I cant see what I once saw
variety lights that pulled me on
the destiny that shone
before my childlike eyes

- Kate St. John