Estrelica & Vic



Malcolm Lawrence



The first novel of a never-ending saga




Illustration by Mary Hayes 



A very quick story
in sixteen chapters


Chapter One

summers and summers



Chapter Two

On or about the first day of June



Chapter Three

Bets on Blacker?

Any bets on Blacker?



Chapter Four

Do ye write letters?

Do ye write long letters?



Chapter Five

This is a train



Chapter Six

Round him she drove,

talking and singing he whiled



Chapter Seven

Her denial



Chapter Eight

He holds his own



Chapter Nine

Now you know



Chapter Ten

Glass and flames



Chapter Eleven

Baby, please don't go



Chapter Twelve

I need something to say

to someone like that



Chapter Thirteen

All this...



Chapter Fourteen

...and who knows you?



Chapter Fifteen

Forever hold your peace



Chapter Sixteen

Coast is clear




 Artwork by Mary Hayes



Valentines of the world, unite and take over


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