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The Searchers

Shadow to shadow
each solitary soul
listening for the beat
in the dark of another
heart …

The Question of Time Travel: From Movies and TV Shows to Philosophy

English Heritage plaque for inventor of time t...

English Heritage plaque for inventor of time travel (Photo credit: jaywood_uk)

I remember a couple of years ago China (I mean the People’s Republic of China, of course) banned time travel movies. For some reason, at least in Eastern Cinema (I’m not sure about the rest, I haven’t been watching new stuff from Hollywood & co – but I did see at least a high-profile movie with a sort of time-travel plot – Looper, was it called?) there’s quite a trend of time travel and time-slip movies often running on the same time, in the same country.

Because I’ve been watching mostly oldies and Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese dramas and movies (and some Chinese – I’m watching Myth – the drama – interestingly enough, considering the movie Myth with Jackie Chan, I researched it a bit and he’s a producer for the 2010 drama too!!! – now, but it may be a while until I can finish it for technical reasons – and I must admit I’m anxiously watching Faith), I couldn’t help but notice this trend. I mean I don’t mind – I love time travel movies. But only specific ones: to and from the past, preferably someone from the past coming to the present. I could blame it on my stars. After all, I’m a Cancer, and the Zodiac says I should be drawn to the past. I don’t mind that, although I don’t think I’d be able to adjust too quickly without all the present-day gooodies.

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Immigration Rights

In this U.S. presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the subject of ‘immigration reform’ is often raised. I feel that what they should really be talking about is ‘immigration rights” and how one qualifies for them. You see, immigration is an issue I have come to know a lot about in recent years… … here to read more


Kites with streamers,
fast moving clouds,
rain on the horizon,
the wind sings a song.
Dancing, the paper
diamond on the end
of my string pirouettes
in the heavens.
Church bells ring.

The Gift

So this guy, God, hands me a claim
ticket for a box with nothing in it.
He yawned and life went on.
“What kind of gift is this?”
I asked my parents, as if they
might know or even think about it.
“It’s a whatchamacallit.”
My father said staring at the TV.
“Go ask the Rabbi.”
My mother frowned and glared at me.
“What am I supposed to do with this
empty box?” I asked the Rabbi.
“Put something in it?”
He shrugged and scratched his head.
Profound, I thought. I hustled and
bustled and tried to fill it up.
By the time I got old the box was
as empty as when I began, the way
the stuff of life came and went.
I used it for my coffin.

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