abel. That’s right, finishing where we left off. Making tower meet sky so you can play dice with the Man and Woman Upstairs. Our building plans are universal, so just tear your tongue out right now ‘cause you won’t need it. And while you’re at it, take your tattered cultural baggage, fill it with soul candy, and tack it to the celestial. This is gonna be a party, and we’ll beat that cultural piņata until it rains.
Babel speaks your language. Babel stands with you toe to toe and eye to eye. Babel always turns the other cheek. Babel begs you to dip your hand in and rip out our hearts. They’re yours. But Babel demands allegiance. To be our master, you must be our slave. For we are the generals who know too much to lead, the foot soldiers who know too much to follow. Join our ranks. The weak we’ll make our kings. Of the strong? We’ll make them our fools. Babel invites you to get nekkid and boogie to the universal beat - stone on stone in an endless rhythm to the heavens.

Babel urges you: Shut off this damn computer and go play with your children!


As ‘dewlap’ is to ‘fish bowl,’ so ‘Babel’ is to ‘lesion.’