Who can resist being able to put on their resume or CV: "Worked on the Tower of Babel."?

The building of towerofbabel.com will require a lot of help from people from all walks of life.

Until we receive funding for the project we won't be able to compensate anyone financially who chooses to work on the site, which is why we've established a system where those who are either undergraduates or post-graduates enrolled in an educational institution will be able to receive academic credit for work they do for the site with the educational institution they are attending, triangulated with Babel.

For those who aren't affiliated with an educational institution or already have their degrees, Babel provides an opportunity for worldwide exposure for your work as well as being translated into as many as 75 languages.

For more information about helping translate and proofread Babel voluntarily without having an internship, go here: towerofbabel.com/translators


Babel Internship Program

In order to offer students practical experience in translation, proofreading, creative writing and editing, journalism, multicultural studies, art, history, art history, web development, computer science as well as any of the imagineering fields both to prepare for a potential career as well as to apply and build upon skills learned in the classroom, Babel has developed Internship Programs for all the fields mentioned above.

Projects are assigned by trilateral agreement between the student intern, the head of the particular department at the studentís educational institution, and Babel. The requirements of the intern are to be established by the intern and the department head. All Babel asks is that the projects are done passionately and that the student takes whatever time and resources they need to do the project well. When triangulating the three of us, use your creativity and imagination. We here at Babel sure do. The internship can be done from home thanks to the web and email therefore colleges and universities all over the planet are encouraged to participate, as well as participate with each other. Perhaps getting three colleges from three countries to go in on one degree for one intern. This program is sponsored by whichever educational institution the student's internship is triangulated with. Upon completion of the project, the assignment is reviewed by a faculty member of the department at the educational institution. The assignment is then returned to Babel.

Students who meet the requirements for admission to the Internship Programs receive academic credit for the internship through enrollment in either of the courses BABEL 475, 675 or 875. Students enroll in the Internship once for credit during the semester immediately prior to graduation. It is expected that students will begin their internship activities several semesters earlier. Students will be expected to keep a detailed log of their internship projects and to review them regularly with the Internship coordinator. The number of credits earned for the Internship will depend upon the quality and quantity of the student intern's cumulative activities.

Students wishing to apply for the Internship must meet the following requirements:

Benefits to student interns include:

Questions should be addressed to: malcolm@towerofbabel.com


Internship Program Application

Internship Sponsor Placement