All I know is that something special happened for over 15,000 people who flocked out to the Huilapai Playa over Labor Day weekend 1997. How and why these things happened are more difficult questions to answer. Well, "how" is pretty simple - everyone worked their collective butts off to show their artistic talents for the enjoyment of others. At the risk of sounding a bit hippie-dippy, it was a huge outpouring of pure Love which made it all possible - Love for Art, Love for Community, Love for Others and Love for Self. This event was blessed with a ton of Grace and it was an awesome sight to behold. So what if the event was really a pagan fertility rite with modern trappings - what I experienced was a lot of good clean fun and a lesson in building community.

End of Part One

(Brian wasn't able to finish writing all of his Burning Man experiences before he left for a month in Mexico where he will be spending Day of the Dead in Oaxaca as well as spending some time in Belize. We'll finish Part Two of his Burning Man experiences when he returns, not to mention complete coverage of Day of the Dead in a future issue of Babel.)

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Burning Man '97, Part Two

immigration and naturalization at arf...looking for a sound puppet rehearsal...dinner for 30...feast of vulcania rehearsal...waiting for a TV to die, crash test dummy family...big stuff burning...burning stuff up...ishtar opera...laser show at spiral oasis...shrooms...pancakes...mask making, dogs...getting stamped...the lecherous immigration officer...grrlie grrl car camp, trip to Bosnia...air powered water blaster...chasing water trucks for ride north side, photos...out to ishtar set and beyond...pyrodesiacs at work and play...sperm and egg camp, fertilization...spaghetti...finish mask, beat up dictator...last minute procession prep...goodbye to a despot...calling out with Wally...pre procession wait...the procession, torches and sparklers...around the circle, the small units burn...the full body burner...Burning Man up for Darwin burn, a stick of dynamite...dancing round the bonfire...a keg of microbrew...a lovers spat on a roving bed..."Who are YOU?!!??"...body painting and beers...back to camp with Victoria and martin for wine...trance talk...dancing round the fire by myself...a fork in the road, alternative paths - a turning point...sitting round the campfire at spiral oasis, good music attracts...drinking lots of water, bs and business...smoky burning eyes in the morning...tear down...goodbyes...back to Reno with Jason and Stephen...a prime rib sandwich with Stephen, Victoria and martin...a nice nap...bask in the afterglow