Babel: We stink to high heaven



The Cousteau Society



The Environmental Defense Fund, a leading national, nonprofit organization based in New York, represents 300,000 members. EDF links science, economics, and law to create innovative, equitable, and economically viable solutions to today's environmental problems.



The Fund for Animals

The Fund for Animals, founded in 1967 by bestselling author Cleveland Amory, is one of the nation's largest animal protection organizations. The Fund operates world-famous animal sanctuaries, such as the Black Beauty Ranch in Texas, several low-cost and free spay and neuter clinics for dogs and cats in low-income families, and several regional offices working on hard-hitting animal advocacy campaigns across the country.



Greenpeace International



Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation

A nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about preserving wildlife. Home to a variety of nonreleasable endangered animals including lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, and more.



The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is a federation of 85-plus hiking and environmental organizations and 10,000 individuals dedicated to building and maintaining marked hiking trails and protecting the related open space in the bistate region. Our constituent clubs have a combined membership of more than 100,000.