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Is it me or…

There is a new HP commercial appearing in all major Romanian magazines (at least it’s only where I’ve seen it myself). Well, I can’t help but be rather bothered by it, and here is why: This is the commercial (from the Stiinta si Tehnica magazine year LX, Number 3, June 2011, 2nd cover) I need […]

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Tourist, Tourist Couples, and Visiting Without Seeing Anything

Even though it may seem this post is a rant, it most certainly isn’t. These are some thoughts about travelling and tourism that have been bugging me for some time. I don’t dislike travelling – in fact I love it and, in one way or another, I’ve been on the road all my life – […]

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Hare Krishna: Textures

This video is basically a collage of different pictures I’ve taken a few weeks ago during an Indian festival in Trafalgar Square, London UK. I was fascinated by the sea of colours and the blend between sari and traditional Indian textures with modern-Western materials and shapes. I have an obsession for taking pictures of feet […]

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China banned time travel movies

Yes, China banned time travel movies. Why would they do that? Perhaps the Terminator is not only fiction and they fear the proliferation of time travel? They’re afraid Marty McFly will mess up their future? All in all, I think they’re afraid that glorifying an ancient land called Tang, Ming, Han, etc. would somehow destroy […]

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What is freedom? Where does freedom end? How free am I to do what I want? Is it that society restricts me? What is your definition of freedom? Related articles Freedom of information trumps academic freedom – San Francisco Examiner ( We Remember You.. Thank You For your Service ( Freedom…. ( Freedom of information […]

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