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On standard sentences, political correctness and reciting poems dictated by Scaraotsky

This is not a new idea, nor is it new as compared to other posts I’ve made in this blog (here, or here for example) or in other places, but I never addressed this issue in its own blog post. Romanian has an expression that can be literally translated in English as wooden language. I […]

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How Different Are We, Really?

I was thinking this while seeing different families with small children. Don’t we all have the same problems as children? -I want something but adults say I can’t so I behave badly. -I don’t want something but adults say I have to so I behave badly. Don’t we all have the same problems as parents? […]

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Things We Never Like To Admit

Humans have this innate tendency to think, create and… shift the blame.  In other words, since we got created – or evolved -, we have perfected this incredibly cynical skill to make “I didn’t do this” sound almost plausible. We have also created the legal system to supposedly make our lives less unfair. But this […]

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If King Michael is a traitor … then what is Basescu?

Romanian President Traian Basescu called HMS King Michael of Romania a traitor…. How far can a *supposedly* democratic president go when expressing personal opinions and such in public? ActMedia Romanian News Agency:… Yahoo News: The Kansas City Star:… Romania Report Blog:… Find out more:… I didn’t plan to take on this subject at the beginning. […]

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12th and Delaware: A Documentary About Abortion & CO, Raising Disturbing Feelings…

(video taken from here – see the film, its description and comments in the link) This documentary is difficult to put in categories. It does follow the pro-life side, but at the same time, I can’t be sure of any bias because there isn’t any literal comment on what’s being filmed. Long story short, 8 […]

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