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On Being an Intellectual…

  Some people would think being smart means talking in big words about things nobody really understands. Of course, if one has learned enough SAT words from their SAT prep course with more than ten letters and is probably pronouncing them correctly (or, in some cases – like I sometimes do – use obsolete, long-dead words […]

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Unnamed soldiers: secret heroes, great causes, death and glory

  We all watched and maybe even loved stories of great heroes – kings, queens, generals – leading their armies to victory or glorious defeat. Each country or culture has its own such historical names that may have existed or not, and there are international names acknowledged and respected internationally. Nevertheless, we know about Caesar, […]

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Londoners: a great way to understand London without necessarily visiting it

I must say that London has become my third favourite city in the world (after Targu-Mures my hometown and Bucharest which both started in times immemorial). There is something about it that either makes you fall in love on the spot now matter how hard your life is, or you hate it and don’t know […]

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The Question of Time Travel: From Movies and TV Shows to Philosophy

I remember a couple of years ago China (I mean the People’s Republic of China, of course) banned time travel movies. For some reason, at least in Eastern Cinema (I’m not sure about the rest, I haven’t been watching new stuff from Hollywood & co – but I did see at least a high-profile movie […]

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Face to Face with Propaganda: Romania presented to the English-speaking world in 1985

Well, I’m not going to comment much, for the ones who know how the (not only Communist) propagandistic wooden language sounds like, this post will be as clear as the day, for those who don’t – read my comments, and don’t take any quote literally! My source today will be from Prof. Andrei Oțetea’s A Concise […]

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