For Every Season
Summer heat, the town asleep,
I walk empty streets in the
hallowed light of a full moon
night. Above me, the stars sparkle
like gems in the heavens.
All around me a jubilee is celebrated
by the crickets as they perform their
nocturnal rhapsody – to accompany
the lullaby the hushed wind whispers
through the leaves of the trees which
canopy the winding lanes which
wander up and down the hills and
dales of our small town.
Come the dawn is there a reason to
go on? I wonder.
The days shall go on: full moon,
new moon, Autumn, Winter, Spring,
Summer again, world without end.
Round and round the planet circles
the sun, time passes on, life moves
Tomorrow morning the Plant shuts
down. Our lives shut down and soon
comes a ghost town.

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