CALL 911

 The country is upside down.

The three stooges, somehow,

got control of the buttons:

Mickey Mouse is in charge

of the House, Goofy the Senate,

Snidely Whiplash Wall Street,

and Timothy Leary the electorate.

Cartoon characters acid trip across

my cable news like narco-induced

comic strip looney tunes. The

Pentagon is under the joint control

of Daffy Duck and Attila the Hun.

Soupy Sales clones are in charge of

the cities, while the Nutty Professor

oversees the universities and the

Keystone Cops patrol the crumbling

neighborhoods. Call the cavalry!

Call the infantry!  Call Mighty Mouse!

Dick Tracey!  The lame, sick, halt,

blind, yearning to be free of misery

are about to be thrown out into the

streets when they lose their Medicare

and Social Security!  Call Batman!

Superman!  The Green Lantern!

Spiderman!  There must be a better

way to handle this situation, before

we all succumb to the disintegration

of life as we’ve known it and know

it should be! Where are all our

superheroes anyway?



Like a death rattle of wind chimes

playing the desperate cry’s of hard

times, through dark, despairing notes

across the shivering rhythms of their

hearts and souls, the lost generation

wanders the recession, searching for

salvation from life’s regression, hoping

too little, too late won’t come from

whatever can change their fate.

It’s the music sensation that’s sweeping

the nation – the beat of a dream’s retreat.

You can hear it in Chicago, in the Motor

City, in Philadelphia, PA, Kansas City,

down in New Orleans, all across the




The streets, here, remember nothing

that matters.  Night and day, the

pounding of machinery from the

smoke-stacked factories, punctuated

by the rumble of freight trains, is the

dream-stream that babbles through

your brain from waking to sleeping,

and in a muffled way, dreaming to

waking.  Funerals, weddings, the

patriotic holiday festivities, vary them,

now and then, with small gatherings

of working class men, women and their

children.  But they quickly return to their

ghost-walked dead ends, amidst clouds

of smoke and bunkered down residents.

These are mean streets, at best, lost in an

existential forgetfulness, much diminished

from the times that created them, when

hard labor brought enough pay to enrich

them – days when the incessant pounding

didn’t take its toll on your soul because at

the end of each your life had something to

show.  These are streets which no longer

care to remember, but occasionally

reminisce about the good old days and

tales of lost bliss.  Memories, here, are

like pennies now, all from heaven, of

course, because life is precious, yet at

the same time worthless.  One each day,

perhaps for your thoughts, which you

lose as you collect them to the wishing

wells of Time’s misfortune, dreaming of

other streets you might have walked, long

ago, when legend proposed they were

paved with gold.

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