There is a new HP commercial appearing in all major Romanian magazines (at least it’s only where I’ve seen it myself). Well, I can’t help but be rather bothered by it, and here is why:

This is the commercial (from the Stiinta si Tehnica magazine year LX, Number 3, June 2011, 2nd cover)

I need

I want

The woman’s text translated:



I want to feel confident, to look good, to make an impression. To go out and drink coffee with my friends, through stores, and then shop online. I want to be watched and followed, I want to have an attitude and to show the world who I really am. I want an effervescent way of life! That’s what I want

the guy’s text:



I need to always be connected with my digital world, to life, to friends. I need to read the best restaurant reviews and then try them personally; to take pictures and then edit them. To write articles, blogs, posts. I need something I can rely on. That’s what I need.


Is it me, or is this just downright sexist? I mean the woman wants to be watched she looks sexy and appealing she is overly cosmetized. I see her as the sexy secretary who does more than just the boss’ coffee (maybe exactly the guy next to her!). Her only hobbies are shopping and … *cough* being looked upon?

On the other hand, the guy looks professional, and considering his requests, he is creative, he writes, he reads important articles and so on. I ask myself: what the crickets is going on? Am I, as a woman, only an object who can’t help but buy things? If I’d want to buy an HP Pavilion dv6 series, must I be that bimbo?

Is this commercial in other countries as well? What are your feelings about it?

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