Moon Ladder


Twins night ride a see-saw as storm

clouds gather over them.  Each catches

a glimpse, in turn, above the other, of a

star on the horizon.  The grim one ponders

hers and finds profound insights through it.

The happy one peeks at her own bewildered

and bemused until it finally shines on her

too.  It is the star of life, for one magic,

for the other a wonder of science and physics.

Each, identical in every way except for the

way their brains were arranged, balances and

enables the other in their teeter-totter journey

to nowhere. As they ride up and down under

the clouding night sky, the grim one sees that

soon her star will vanish in the storm.  Her

sibling will see that too but only when hers

is covered and is gone. The lonely cry of a

train’s whistle wails by like a one note lullaby.

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