Bira-bira kanzashi is a type of traditional Japanese hair ornament worn nowadays mostly by maiko (apprentice geisha), oiran and tayuu impersonators and other women embracing the traditional ways and have hair long enough to pin the bira-bira, or just a smaller one for short hair. Bira-bira can be stylish (and dangling) addition to your outfit, perhaps even the little thing that separates you from the crowd. Plus, they’re really cute!

this is a classic bira-bira worn most likely by a maiko (from here)

some cool bira-bira ideas

this is a maiko wearing a bira-bira among other ornaments – can you spot it? (from here)

an idea how to modernize bira-bira (from here)

a very interesting home-made (and modern) bira-bira (from here)

a modern way of seeing bira-bira in Japan (from here)

Hope y’all like this little addition that can make the difference and make a dull hairstyle not only trendy but, as they say in some commercial – I don’t remember which, and I don’t really need/want to – with the (dangling) wow effect. I’m waiting for ideas and suggestions related to bira-bira and maybe pictures with your own ideas. 😀

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