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Nowadays we are taught that people should only be seen as individuals and each individual should be respected as an unique human being.  We are not members of a group, we are not part of a family, each and every one of us is standing alone in front of an absurd universe (I guess Existentialism is not as obsolete in our present world as some people would like to think it is). Well, of course, we won’t admit we are alone! We will never admit the fact that we are facing an identity crisis that spreads its claws further and deeper in and on our beloved planet as we are advised to shed any type of membership to a group, community or culture.

Are we really standing alone -with a base code from the factory and no heart-to-heart connections with the world? Is it really true that I made myself what I am now? I couldn’t disagree more! I am what I am because of the experiences I’ve lived and lessons I have learnt throughout my life. I am what I am because I was born in a certain country, in a certain region, in a certain community, in a certain family. I am myself because of the help I was given. I am myself because of the obstacles I had to overcome or go round. I am myself because of all the respect, love, hate, spite I was shown. I am what I am because of all the people I’ve entered in contact with, especially those who tried to cut down my wings. Thank you, you’ve made me stronger!

Yes, we’d like to think that a life without any negative experiences, filled with rainbows, butterflies and glowing unicorns would be Heaven. But… think about this … how do you learn, how do you gain strength if everybody treats you with gloves and your road is smooth, without detours and unexpected complications. Wouldn’t that be a tad boring? Why do you want to deny and forsake everything that’s actually beautiful about life? You know, someone said that life’s a game … sorry, I got a little carried away – but remember that it’s not important that you get to your destination, what really matters is the road, how you get there and who you get there with and be proud of your progress and accomplishments, not on winning the great prize (what is the great prize anyway?). Don’t be a stranger!

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