Redoubt-photo by-Brentwood-Higman 3-27-09

Mt. Redoubt (March 2009)  photo by Brentwood Higman

‘Angel of Change’ is my name for this spectacular photograph of  Mount Redoubt, Alaska exploding awake again with fire and lightening early morning March 28, 2009. Awesome!!! Can you see the angel, heart and angel fish? Beloved Creator gives us more messages and indicators.

The angel is a messenger heralding change through the fire of transformation and transmutation who says, ‘It moves, ALL IS WELL, you are a Divine Child of God.’ The lightening heart emerging from smoke says, ‘FEAR NOT beloved… you are Loved, always taken care of and eternal’. It reminds us to Love all and do all through and with Love.’ The angel fish says, ‘HAVE FAITH things are not what they appear. Fish show us Independence, Potential and Adaptation. When swimming upwards fish indicates Spiritual evolution. The angelfish tells us angels are always around. It guides us to assist others in need… by helping others we help ourselves.  The explosion of Redoubt indicates there will be doubts projected and doubt will intensify. The mountain says, ‘HAVE NO DOUBT, hold the visions of the future you wish to collectively create… they are made manifest! The message: fear nothing, have faith, hold your visions without doubt, love self, others and the process itself, help each other, all is well and in transformation. In the end all will be new, fresh an unlike anything seen to date. Whoo Hoo… might as well let go and enjoy the ride! featured the photo above with the caption:

1:43 pm ET Incredible volcano lightning photos: These are pictures taken on March 28 of Alaska’s Mount Redoubt volcanic eruption. The volcano has been erupting for several days now but has recently evolved into a different eruption pattern.

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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