‘Rare pink dolphin’ photo by Capt. Erik Rue

When I lived on Kauai I often would sit alone and watch the dolphins playing just off shore. One day while pondering a particularly difficult life situation a dolphin caught my attention. He jumped out of the water and spun in circles then dove out of sight. He repeated this again and again while making joyful noise. When we touched consciousness I was showered with Love and happiness and received the message ‘There is only Love, play dear one, nothing is of import which leaden the heart.”

A pink albino dolphin! What a glorious gift from Creator. Dolphins represent manna, breath, play and Oneness. Manna is energy… the essence of Creator which is present in all Creation. Breath is life, taking in and renewing Manna which sustains body; keeps it alive. Through the rhythm of breath we may begin to sense energy and intensify our connection to God. Oneness is our Divine connection with everything… ‘all that is’. Pink is the color of Universal Love, love of self and others, harmony and inner peace; and a developed heart chakra (Anahata). Our pink dolphin gives us indicators (a road map) to guide us as we expand spiritually. Indicators… link with Creator for answers, commune with nature, remember Love and Oneness, be mindful of bodily energies and breath and spread waves of laughter, joy and love into the world. Thank you for your glorious indicators beloved Creator. A pink dolphin… indeed!


Pink dolphin photograph taken by Captain Eric Rue on Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana. You can see more of Erik’s photos of the pink dolphin at Calcasieu Charter Service.

Kari Pugh, Mad Mariner daily boating magazine writes, “Albino dolphins are rare. Only three have been spotted in the Gulf of Mexico since 1994 and there have only been 14 sightings around the world since 1963. But albino dolphins that appear to be pink are unheard of, says Patricia Rosel, a  NOAA marine biologist who studies the genetic glitches found in bottlenose dolphins.” You can read the whole article at Mad Mariner.

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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