Arieal view smoke above Moscow, Russia photo ©Alexander Petrenko

‘Smokin’ Heaven?’ photograph by Alexander Petrenko

‘Smokin’ Heaven?’ is my name for this interesting, fun and amazing photograph. Is Heaven above us? Alexander saw this group of Heavenly golfers over Moscow, Russia and captured it. How cool is that ‘Heavenly Smokin’ Golfers’. Don’t know if it’s truly Heaven, but it’s a wonderful reminder. Even in smoke we can see life and Creator’s love. It’s everywhere… all around we just need to stop, pause, breathe and see. Amazing! Thank you beloved Creator for this wonderful whimsical reminder. Cough, cough!

Alexander’s name for the photo is “Оказывается, тут тоже есть жизнь…” (“It occurs, here also there is life…”). The aerial photograph was taken over Kiev-Moscow, Russia on the approach to Sheremet’yevo Airport. He says, “I officially explain this is the photo as it appeared winter 2006, with no editing other then crop and resize.” You can see more of his wonderful photos on his photo blog or read Petrenko blog.

Archipelago of Sulu photograph ©Farl Another beautiful reminder of Creator’s love is this photo of Archipelago of Sulu taken by Farl. It looks like an island with a heart cut out of the center. He calls it Donut Hole. You can see more lovely photos from Farl at

I found both photos while perusing ‘The World From Above: The Beauty Of Aerial Photography‘. Enjoy!

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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