Ice Halo in Sweden  ©2009 Ivar Marthinusen

‘Alien World?’ photo by Ivar Marthinusen

‘Alien World?’ is my name for this magnificent photograph . This strangely beautiful flat alien landscape looks like a lake of steaming gas which tumbles into a misty void with rainbow columns and a second sun. Is this a planet near Betelgeuse? Maybe it’s in a 2 dimensional universe somewhere other? Or perhaps this is Tolkien’s Middle Earth floating, hovering in between? What to you see?

It’s actually on Earth. The photo was taken at a ski resort in Åre, Sweden by Ivar Marthinusen on Jan. 27, 2009. A view of the world from above atop a mountain… with sun, clouds, mist, snow, ice halo and a subsun. Thank you, thank you, thank you beloved Creator for this otherworldly, amazing, magnificent creation. WOW, I’m in awe!

Space Weather featured one of Ivar’s photos on their home page February 1. The photo above was on a page with others taken on the same day. They say of the photos…

“Skiing photographer Ivar Matheson did everything right on Jan. 27th when he took the picture above. “I was at the Ãre ski resort in Sweden. It was a sunny day and the air was filled with ice crystals. This gave rise to an impressive display of luminous sun halos, sundogs, sub-sundogs, subsuns, upper and lower sun pillars and tangent arcs.” The complete collection is a must-see.”

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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