Lee Wave Iridescence by Harold Leinbach

‘Opalescent Sky’ photo by Harold Leinbach

‘Opalescent Sky’ is my name for this exquisite photograph. Again Creator treats us to beautiful displays reminding us that everything is sacred and that we progress. What colors and patterns! Again we are shown colors that aren’t ‘normally’ seen in a rainbow spectrum… pastels… turquoise, pink, lavender, golden pink. And is that an eight or infinity? Perhaps a message of our infinite nature… everything is possible… endless possibilities. Our visualizations of Divine Nature made manifest. This sky is magnificent! Thank you, thank you for this gift, again… thank you Beloved Creator. You continue to awe and amaze with beauty and majesty.

Photo was taken in Boulder, Colorado January 2, 2009 by Harold Leinbach. He says of the sky,

“The pastel colors were lovely and the billowing cloud shapes were quite fascinating.”


Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley explains: “For brightly-colored iridescence you need cloud droplets of all the same size. You get that if all the droplets have formed at the same time and experienced the same history. Dynamic conditions inside a lee cloud are just what the doctor ordered. The clouds look stationary but inside there is a ‘factory conveyor’ with uniform droplets formed at one end and evaporated at the other. Voila – iridescence.”

Lee waves may be found downwind of all mountains–not just the Rockies. If you live in the lee, keep an eye out for pastels in the sky.

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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