'Night Streaker' photo by Howard Edin September 30, 2008

‘Night Streaker’ photo by Howard Edin. Captured from the Okie-Tex Star Party, September 30, 2008

‘Night Streaker’ is my name for this beautiful… awe filled sight. A fireball streaks by Orion through the night sky. Glorious displays lighting up the skies all over the world. Thank you Beloved Creator, thank you!


The American Meteor Society says it has had 45 separate fireballs reported to them so far in 2009. There were 40 fireballs reported during the month of January in 2008. In the last 90 days there have been sightings in: California, Sweden, New Zealand, Middle East, Canada, Africa, Argentina, Vancouver B.C., Colorado, West Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Ireland, Brazil, China… more.

January 19 – Fireball in Southern California
January 19, 2009 5:33pm PST a brilliant fireball was reported by over 24 people from California, Nevada and Arizona. It was reported to be as bright as the full moon magnitude -13.


Scandinavian Fireball 1-17-09January 17 – Fireball in Sweden

January 17, 2009 19:09 UT,  a beautiful brilliant blue sky was Creator’s gift as a fireball lit the night in Scandinavia. It exploded with a rumbling boom. The photo is from a video. You can see videos, read reports and articles at TV2 ØST or SpaceWeather.com Scandinavian Fireball.


My thoughts…

Are there more fireballs? It seems like there are more sightings… but maybe we are just gazing at the sky more… aware… looking… waiting for something. When we see something we gasp in wonder, point and say, ‘oh ah… amazing, glorious!’ or ‘ah oh… doom and gloom!’ Are these sightings apocalyptic? Are they signs of the end?

I see them a signs… wonderful signs of change. More of Creator’s gifts and blessings. Messages to get our attention… they say, ‘Stop for a moment, watch… pause… breathe… Be’. When we are awe filled, in appreciation and wonder we are One… and in that moment we begin to feel and recognize our Oneness.

All of the glorious blessings Creator showers upon us daily are signs of change. Signs of the ending of old ways which no longer work. Like the snake sloughing off of old skin to be renewed or the phoenix being consumed by fire then reborn from its’ own ash. Not end as in death or cataclysm… but end of a cycle. Now we are reborn into our full glory and majesty… as we were originally intended to be.

Now is the cycle or yuga of Light… 2,000 years of Peace. Christ has come…  Buddha is here… it is Us… we are That!  The waiting is over… today is 2012… the time we’ve been waiting for is NOW. It is not about a timeline or calendar date… it is about raising and changing consciousness. We have fully embraced ourselves, climbed the mountain and are standing on the peak saying, ‘Who am I? Where am I? What am I?’.

Now we remake ourselves. From this moment… do all with joy. Remake yourself into what you have always dreamed. Create! This is the Grace of NOW!

Be the glorious greatness that you are my friend. Love from the depths of your being … everything… all. Rejoice!

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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