Creator's Majesty photograph ©Ryan Ridge 2009

‘Creator’s Majesty’ photo by Ryan Ridge

‘Creator’s Majesty’ is my name for this amazing image. Ryan Ridge added this photograph to flickr January 7, 2009. A rainbow from his front porch near Homer, Alaska. Wow!


Creator’s Majesty

Snow covered mountains peek through mists.

Light plays on drifting clouds.

Still waters shimmer, cold.

While dark pines guard lakes edge.

Rainbow streaks across the sky

The scene so full of wonder

Body shudders, mind expands

Tears fall on wetted cheek

Creator’s Majesty! 

Words do no justice here

Simply awe…

~Inspired by the photo above.


You can read about Ryan’s life in the big woods of Alaska on his blog or see more of his amazing photos at

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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