Light Pillars moon halo Peter Paul Hattinga Verschure 1-10--09

‘Smiling Moon, Sparkling Light’ photograph by Peter Paul Hattinga Verschure

‘Smiling Moon, Sparkling Light’ is my name for this gorgeous photograph. The night sky looks like it is smiling, it’s cold and crisp with warming light. Another magical gift from Creator. This beautiful photo was taken January 8 in Deventer, The Netherlands by Peter Paul Hattinga Verschure. You can see more of his work at

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         January 10 was full moon 10:27pm EST. Space Weather reported that this is the biggest moon of the year about 14% wider and 30% brighter.

Went out side at 3:30am 1-11-2009, it was cold 38° F and clear.  I was greeted by a fabulous full moon with a corona around it. Photo above left is my shaky capture, the colors are wonderful, soft and sweet. It is 1-11-11 a day of Opening and Becoming.



An amazing walk…

On Friday January 9, I walked. It was magical. So much depth, color and texture. The clear blue sky was never ending, the sun warm, breeze cool and it was about 60F degrees. Perfect! The sunlight played through branches. Pine needles literally sparkled, as if laughing with joy.

Stopped to look at a tall juniper, the top covered the sun… to my amazement a rainbow ring appeared closely encircling it.  When I moved and looked again it was gone. A flock of ducks flew over head talking… talking… it seemed of the glorious day unfolding. Gathered near a pond on the fairway, 100s in number, were Canadian geese eating, talking and playing. Was it tag? I watched a while. One would run up and tap another on back or side and run away. Seeming to say, “Your it!” Then they’d tag another and another… all the while honking cacophonously. Love was pouring from everything, everywhere. Tears began streaming down my face.

I walked on. Heard the cawing of ravens. Looked up, 3 were circling. No 4! But there are flashes of white on one. That’s not a raven, it’s too big. I looked closer. Oh, oh it is an eagle, a bald eagle! First one I’ve seen here in about 10 years. More tears flowed. Such a blessing and message from Creator. “Spirit moves. The time of initiation is complete. Change occurs… will be seen soon. Trust the process and know all is well.”

The eagle flew above me for about a mile, circling, drifting higher… lower… then winked out. Couldn’t spot him again. Wet cheeks, shuttering in awe I lift my arms to the sky and say a prayer of thanks to Creator for all the many blessings in my life. What a magical day.


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