Fire and Ice ©Ryan Ridge 2008

‘Fire and Ice’ photo by Ryan Ridge

‘Fire and Ice’ is my name for this magnificent photograph taken in Homer, Alaska. Another magical display… unbelievable beauty and majesty. Thank you beloved Creator… I remain in awe! Beautiful capture Ryan.


Fire and Ice

Cold black grays

with colorless colors

the night fades

to in between.

Bursting light

pierces clouds

and sweeping rays

brush waters bright.

Dark turns light

with fire and ice

and golden dawn

sets sky alight.

Morning comes

with glory bright

Creator’s gift

is our delight.

~Inspired by the beautiful image above.


Photo originally called ‘Morning Glory’ uploaded to flickr October 2008. You can read about Ryan’s life in the big woods of Alaska on his blog or see more of his amazing photos at

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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