Orion Moonbow by Jimmy Westlake. ©2008 Jimmy Westlake. All rights reserved.

‘Orion Moonbow’ photograph by Jimmy Westlake

Was looking at pictures of the full moon at SpaceWeather.com and came across an image of a moon halo taken 12/11/08 by Jimmy Westlake, Stagecoach, Colorado. As I was gazing at it I noticed not only a beautiful rainbow halo and Orion, but also a faint red cross. How cool! Wanted to see what was there so saturated it in Photoshop. The image above is the result. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you beloved Creator for your beauty and magnificence. I am humbly in awe.

The night this photo was shot was the beginning of the celebration of the Mother, Virgin Guadalupe in Mexico.

A messageall is perfect, balanced and complete. Divine Union is now… embrace… oneness. A cycle has ended, renewal begun. Goddess and God embrace, merge. Love pours forth with great abundance. Open heart and receive.

As I write Raven called 3 times 3, flying by the window. Raven is the sacred bringer of magic who ushers in consciousness change. 9 is completion. Has been a day of much communication.

Jimmy Westlake says about his photo,

“Wow! This was one of the most vivid lunar halos I’ve ever seen! Seeing Orion with a colorful rainbow arching through him was surreal.”

Surreal indeed! You can see the original photo and a couple more at SpaceWeather.com.

The scientific explanation from Curious About Astronomy:

Halos are caused by the light of the sun or moon passing through a very thin layer of cirruform (ice-crystal) clouds in the upper atmosphere. The ice crystals refract the light of the moon, similar to the way water droplets in the lower atmosphere can refract sunlight to produce a rainbow. Just like a rainbow, strong halos can have bands of color in them, due to slightly different refractive properties of the ice crystals for different colors. Essentially, halos ARE rainbows caused by primary refraction in ice crystals.

Symbolism contained in the photo – (from An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols by J.C. Cooper):

  • A circle with a dot – in the center depicts a complete cycle and cyclic perfection. The resolution of all possibilities in existence. In Astrology it portrays the sun. In Alchemy it is the sun and gold. It is also a symbol of all sun gods. In Taoism A circle with a point at the center represents the supreme power, the Tao.
  • A circle enclosing a cross – is the Cosmic Solar Wheel ‘the vivifying principle that animates the universe’. The solar wheel is always a symbol of good fortune and of change. Cross in a circle – Solar mobility, the wheel of change. The wheel of fortune.
  • Equal arm cross – a universal symbol, the cosmic symbol par excellence. It is a world center and therefor a point of communication between heaven and earth, a cosmic axis. It is dualism in nature and the union of opposites. It represents Spiritual Union and the integration of man’s soul in all aspects necessary to full life.
  • Color – Symbolizes the differentiated, the manifest. Diversity. The affirmation of Light. Light and dark colors used in contrast symbolize the materialization of light. God, as light, is the source of color. Color Red – The zenith of color. Represents the sun and all war gods. It is the masculine, active principle, fire, the sun, royalty, love, joy festivity, passion, energy, health, strength. Red denotes supernatural powers, sacredness or solar power. Rainbow – Transfiguration. Heavenly glory. Different states of consciousness. The meeting of Heaven and xmaswreathEarth. Paradise. 
  • Moon – Usually represents the feminine power, the Mother Goddess, Queen of Heaven. Symbolic of the rhythm of cyclic time, universal becoming. Full moon is enlightenment. Light in darkness. Inner Knowledge. The moon is the abode of  Archangel Gabriel.

Hope your day is amazing and awe filled. Happy Holidays!


jimmy_westlake Jimmy Westlake, M.S. Astronomy, Louisiana State University; B.S., Astronomy and Physics, Valdosta State University; BS, Psychology, University of Alaska Anchorage; 15 years instructor and director of Rollins Planetarium at Young Harris College; award winning astro-photographer.You can see more of J.R. Westlake’s Astrophotos at jrwestlake.com.

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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