Foxknot ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. All rights reserved

Foxknot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (2002) watercolor 16 x 18

Movement, strength, mystery, nature, earth and a little whimsy too. Could this be an Animal Ally knot with Fox-faeries? As such the knot would impart wisdom of fox with a fae influence. The circular knot is a symbol of interconnection, unity and eternity. Fox imparts the ability to watch the motivations and movements of others while remaining unobserved. Faery is otherworldly, magical and mysterious; not of this world, nor influenced by it. This knot would be a spiritual tool to help the person become a silent watcher who moves easily between worlds. I love this wonderful, whimsical interpretation of a Celtic Knot.

A deeper understanding of Celtic knots and Animal Allies:

The Celtic knot symbolizes the Thread of Life. To the Celts, the human soul was thought to be a fragment of the divine, which will ultimately return to its divine source. Through successive rebirths the soul rids itself of its accumulated, inherited impurities until it finally achieves the goal of perfection.

The interlaced, or latticed, knotwork patterns, with their unbroken lines, symbolize the process of humankind’s eternal spiritual evolution. When the cord is unravelled, it leads us on. A knot lattice can be used as an aid to concentration by occupying the conscious mind with a demanding repetitive task.

Our Animal Allies or helpers choose us to help us with our growth and understanding.  A detailed description of Celtic Animal Allies.


Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is a 31 year old artist/programmer. She began painting otherworlds in early childhood.  Graduated from a program of Computer Science in 1998. After working in programming for three years, She left the world logic for the world of fae; painting full time.  You can read news, learn about watercolor painting, browse her galleries and purchase paintings at

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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