a poem by Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Eiffel Tower, Paris - Photo by Light   ©2003-2008 Bonnee Klein Gilligan. All rights reserved.

Ah Paris ’tis the city of love

    a beautiful place indeed.

Enjoy yourself and if you like

    have a pastry for me.

A croissant, pasty or a tart

    with cream, and fruit, and crust.

Such a delight with every bite 

    is sinful, and a must.

Have an espresso at a street cafe

   and watch the passersby

In thought, or talk, or steadfast walk

    so busy with their lives.

Enjoy a walk along the Seine

    or boat ride to the Louvre.

With easy access everywhere

    you can also ride the Tube.

Enjoy your trip to Paris

    have a glass of wine for me.

And over here I’ll taste it

    on my lips, just wait and see.

I taste a red, hardy and full

    it’s peppery and smooth.

Oh no it’s white, a crisp delight

   it’s flowery… oh no it’s bright.

Did you have two, or maybe three

   I’m so confused it must be me.

I taste a tart, and coffee too

    my senses don’t know what to do.

Enjoy your trip to Paris

    and I’ll be here with you

Or is it there, I just don’t know

    with you I’m split in two.

I don’t know what I’m doing

   and I don’t know what I see

All I know that I like you

    and you’ll have the best from me.

Enjoy your trip to Paris friend

    best wishes, bon voyage

I don’t know how to end this

   so I’ll just press the pause…

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