I was wondering if there were actually people out there who have changed their lifestyles to be more eco-friendly. I searched the internet to see who was doing what. Are people Makin’ it Green? The answer is a resounding… Yes!!!

One man moved to the New Mexico wilderness to live without oil. Another family in California changes their urban yard into a farm complete with animals. And a Canadian couple goes off the grid but keeps their middle class lifestyle. And there are a lot more. All wonderful stories which inspired me. 

Inspirational stories of folks ‘Makin’ it Green’…

Farewell my Subarua greener life in New Mexico, USA

Doug Fine is the   author of ‘Farewell my Subaru’ a book about  his life without oil. Doug moved to New Mexico, USA with his girl friend. They built a green sustainable home, are raising goats, chickens, dougfineducks and growing much of their own food. You can read the continuing story of his new greener life at his blog. He is funny, charming and actually doing it… well. Amazing!!!



Path to Freedomurban homesteaders in California, USA

An eco-pioneering lifestyle in Pasadena, CA. This is a story of a family who turned their lot into a 1/10th acre  farm which, produces 6,000 lbs. of organic food annually. On a path to self-sufficiency the Dervaes grow and preserve 99% of their ecopioneerown food, recycle, make bio-diesel, utilize solar power and more. You can read their blog or watch more videos at Dervaes’ channel on youtube.com. Awesome!!!


 Off Grid Livingwith renewable resources in Canada

Bill and Lorraine Kemp live a normal middle class lifestyle in an average home with all the things you’d expect like a
big screen TV, home office filled with computers and other equipment, washer / dryer, and even a cappuccino machine. But the thing that makes them unique is that they live completely off the grid. They have wood heat, solar/wind power for electricity, a well and waste water reclamation system. You can read their
blog or watch more videos at aztextpress channel on youtube.com.

We can make it green living well and inexpensively. So exciting and inspirational!

Some wonderful sustainable resources…JanaiaDonaldson

Peak Moment TV – A network dedicated to sustainability and issues of our changing world. There are 23 interesting 28-minute episodes hosted by Janaia Donaldson (photo left) you can watch at Global Media. You can also read Janaia’s blog about the latest goings on at Peak Moment too.

Natural Life Magazine – A paper and online magazine that is about how to create a greener, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Your Backyard Farmer Located in Portland, OR. A great concept people who love to farm, do it for you and it’s all organic.

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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