Was surfing the web looking at other folks pages. Following links. Came upon Al at TED.com. Gore that is. Watched his new video. Looks like he’s been talking to more of them scientists about that climate crisis.

It’s worse then we thought. Santa’s losin’ his home! Oh it’s not foreclosure or anything like that. Seems the ground is melting right out from under him. The North Pole is melting!!! Can you imagine! In 5 years Santa home will sink under water. Never to return. Oh there’ll still be skim ice over winter. But the real deep hard stuff will be gone.

Emergency!!! We gotta’ save Santa! And what about the reindeer? Where will they live? And all the elves? That means no more toys for Christmas. What about the children? They’ll be no more presents. This is a crisis I tell you!!! A real CRISIS!

But Al says there’s something we can do. ‘Take action’ he says, “Don’t just change light bulbs. Change consciousness. Become active. Talk, write, communicate. Be proactive.” Ok, Al  I’m proactivatin’.

Holding air mic, singin’ (to the song ‘Grandma got run over by a reindeer’ by Elmo & Patsy)…

Santa won’t be commin’ with his reindeer
Landin’ on your house on Christmas Eve
‘Cause Santa lost his house when North Pole melted
Now he and Mrs. Clause live on the street.

Save Santa’s home. Proactivate. Help stop the melt!

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan


Al Gore’s new thinking on the climate crisis. Click on the link to watch this new video.

Other breaking News:

Permafrost Threatened by Rapid Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice, NCAR/NSIDC Study Finds

Newsweek reported in the July 7-14, 2008 issue Global Warming Is a Cause of This Year’s Extreme Weather

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