Father Thomas Keating talks about God’s dynamic nature and the Divine Oneness of ‘All That Is’ in this wonderful inspirational video. He is wise, speaks from the heart and is sure to bring a smile. He says this about Oneness…

“We’re (human beings) moving into Oneness. In other words a Oneness that we already have but at various levels of our being; and hence we’re aware of the Oneness in different ways, and in different intensities, and in different levels and able to respond as our awareness of this presence keeps evolving. The presence keeps expanding and becoming more penetrating, more enveloping, more involved with each of our bodily, mental, physical and spiritual activities or capacities. So we’re always experiencing this Oneness, but when does it become that, which is described as there being ‘No other’? This is something that maybe we could talk about tomorrow after a good nights sleep.

That’s really very advanced and has few (as far as we know about it from reports) people who actually experience it as a permanent state of awareness or consciousness. Who have become not only ‘the Other’, but are ‘the Other’ in a way. Now this doesn’t in anyway deny the distinction between God and us which is infinite. It does deny the separation…”

Hope you enjoy watching the video and listening to his wisdom as much as I did. It wouldn’t embed so follow the link to watch the video if you like. Enjoy!

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

Oneness and the Heart of the World from Global Oneness Project.

The Global Oneness Project: http://globalonenessproject.org/              Father Keating’s works: http://www.snowmass.org/keating.htm

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