One day in 1991 my Highest-Self gave me a series of lessons and Truths which really didn’t mean much to me at the time. Today I saw them again and had many revelations. Here they are for you to ponder too. Enjoy!

  • Remember: Discipline – monitor your thoughts, words, emotions and actions
  • Harmony in your life is a gauge of the effectiveness of your work
  • If things are not harmonous or working, look to your thoughts, words, emotions and actions
  • Put nothing outside of yourself. You create your reality totally
  • Forget all you have learned in this life
  • Strive to be the best you can be – for you
  • Know thyself – be who you are rather than who others perceive you to be or what they tell you to be
  • Have Faith – know what you think will affect your life
  • Words can heal or harm; create or destroy
  • Everything (thoughts, words, emotions, places, songs, etc.) has a vibration. It will either resonate to harmony or discord within you. That which is discordant move away from or change your perception of it
  • All in life is learned perception – change your mind, change your perception. Coming to a new level of understanding, changes your perception
  • There is nothing wrong or bad in the Universe – only your perception of it. What appears bad to someone may be a wonderful blessing to another
  • Only you can be responsible for you – take charge of your life
  • Your biggest opportunity/challenge, is your soul’s loving way of getting you to change your mind. It’s like a joke. How loving or peaceful or joyfilled did you think you were – the challenge is humbling, the more pompus your position the bigger the challenge, but it is only perceived. The True challenge is to be fully who you are, in all situations, 100% of the time
  • Honor others by listening and responding when asked. Everyone has their own level of reality and understanding, offer yours only when asked, otherwise it may be an intrusion
  • Be loving and compassionate in all things – simply by allowing the fullness of Love and Compassion (which you Truly are) to flow through you

~Bonnee Klein Gilligan

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