Greetings everyone, I’m glad to be here at Babel. Thanks to Malcolm for inviting me.

This is my first blog so I’ll introduce myself, I am Bonnee Klein Gilligan. I love to laugh. Enjoy writing about the things which impact me most… like consciousness, food, love, life and our beautiful world. I delight in expressing what I sense… through art; bringing it to life in color and line. And the sensual pleasures of food, don’t get me started… love all aspects, cooking, presentation and the joys of eating. I’m passionate too about Reiki, personal growth, enlightenment and things of a Spiritual Nature.

I write a funny Green Living Blog which is the continuing story of a woman who is awakening to a greener consciousness and life. Each one addresses a problem faced in daily life with an eco-friendly solution. It takes a lighthearted look at the issue of global warming and what we as individuals can do to lessen our carbon footprint and impact.

From time to time I may also include in my Babel blogging a tasting exploration of a favorite restaurant in Sedona/Verde Valley and Northern Arizona with a favorite recipe too. I write a column called Bonnee’s Food Corner which is published at Recently Carl Jackson, editor of did a video interview of me about my Food Corner and Reiki Ryoho. Watch it if you like.

And if you are interested I may also blog about Reiki Ryoho, healing, personal empowerment and other things of a Spiritual nature. In addition to being a writer I am also a Reiki Master Teacher. I travel internationally and teach all levels of Reiki Ryoho, but specialize in training or re-training masters. Reiki Ryoho is a method which relaxes and wholes you. It spiritualizes the body and allows more of who you truly are to permeate. As a result one comes to balance and heals on all levels. Reiki Ryoho Pages by Adonea explains this energy science and is a resource for all level practitioners and those new to Reiki. I have been a teaching master since 1994 and am known in the Reiki community by my spiritual name Adonea.

And one more thing about self, I am also an Esoteric Artist, my medium is pastel. I specialize in esoteric spiritual portraiture and drawings of the angels, masters and beings who quietly guide us in our daily lives. My art is featured at Bonnee’s Creative Spiritual Works. Most of my work is done by commission. Original work or  Giclee prints are also available.

If you have special requests or questions relating to any of the topics I’ve listed, I’d be happy to consider blogging about them. Just leave me a request on the comments to one of my blogs.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this. Have a glorious day.


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